Empowering the mobility revolution

We co-create smart 解决方案 that empower clients to make the transition to sustainable mobility and enable the automotive world to move forward



Connect with future mobility

Driven by the convergence of new technologies — AI, 物联网, connected infrastructure, digitization, electrification — we’re rapidly advancing toward a revolutionized automotive future. An exciting time, providing the ultimate freedom with zero accidents, zero emissions and zero 所有权. This is a great prospect for society, the economy and the environment.


With expertise spanning Autonomous Drive, Connected Mobility, Digital Cockpit, UX, and Testing and Validation plus sil图标 and technology, 美高梅网投 汽车 helps automakers and their key partners deliver the shared, 个人, connected and intelligent mobility of the future, 今天.

价值 美高梅网投


Co-creating the smart software 解决方案 that are at the heart of the mobility revolution


Delivering the high-level engineering excellence at scale that powers the mobility revolution


Putting stunning user experiences on the road to enable you and your partners to bring the mobility revolution to life


Achieving true software independence so you can develop your platform to enhance the future of mobility, 你的方式

Consult one of our global strategists 今天

为什么 美高梅网投

World-class engineering talent

Many members of our specialized teams hold PhD, master’s and MBA degrees. 我们的 talent gives us the ability to deliver highly complex 解决方案 in critical environments 速度.

Deep domain expertise

We’ve developed proven and repeatable processes over the past 25 years. 我们的 expertise gives us the ability to deliver advanced innovation across vital areas of mobility technology inside customer environments.

Design Thinking approach

The importance of integrated customer experiences in the mobility revolution makes our Design Thinking approach even more valuable. 我们的 approach also gives us the ability to co-create 解决方案 with carefully managed customer relationships.

伙伴关系 生态系统

As products and markets get more complex, the need for an integrated network of experienced collaborators becomes more critical. Whether those technology partners provide a solution element or a vital capability, they play a central role in unlocking growth and new revenue streams for our clients: