At 美高梅网投, we are honored that webOS Auto has been named as a finalist for the TU-Automotive Award for Best Mobility Product/Service.

webOS Auto is an open and ideal platform for smart, connected and shared autonomous mobility, with highly scalable architecture and 5G connectivity. It enables personalized digital lifestyles to be integrated into the driving experience.


Bringing webOS Auto into the vehicle provides the shortest path to integrating a vendor-specific user interface, complete with in-vehicle infotainment, on-demand media and stunning content delivery. It shifts the focus from embedded commodity components in the vehicle to customer experience innovation, by providing out-of-the-box mechanisms for services and content monetization, provisioning, delivery, distribution, billing and more.

At 10:30 am, June 5, TU-Automotive Detroit, 美高梅网投’s Executive Vice President of Automotive, Alwin Bakkenes, will speak about designing our time and experience for shared and sustainable mobility, and the need for fully customizable, integrated customer experiences.
Vildan Hasanbegovic
Vildan Hasanbegovic is passionate about driving the next revolution of the mobility ecosystem. Mr. Hasanbegovic brings vast experience in the world of smart, connected and shared mobility. He leads 美高梅网投’s development of emerging markets and go-to-market strategies, bringing solutions, products and services across Autonomous Drive, Connected Mobility, Digital Cockpit and Silicon Technology and Partners throughout the customer journey to markets and customers. Prior to working with 美高梅网投, Vildan headed global marketing at Harman, establishing the company as a leader in Automotive Connected Services. Harman served more than 80% of leading automakers and their suppliers which, ultimately, led to their acquisition by Samsung.